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Google Summer of Code 2021 DBpedia Healthcare Platform project by Guang Zhang. Project link:


Proposal for Healthcare Platform


If times allow:

COVID Mapping for Data Sets



Potential Healthcare Datasets:


June 15h 2021 Meeting. Discussed sparql, rdf turtle tools, articles reading. Tasks to do:

June 23rd 2021 Meeting. Discussed DBpedia ontology and json2rdf tools

July 7th 2021 Meeting. Tasks to do:

July 13th, July 16th 2021 Meetings. Tasks to do:

July 22nd 2021 Meetings. Discussed Data set statistics, DBpedia mappings and ontology. Tasks to do:

July 26th 2021 Meeting. Discussed Tarql Mapping, Databus upload. Tasks to do:

August 2nd 2021 Meeting. Set up ssh dbpedia server and SSH key together; set up webid for the Databus upload Tasks to do:

August 5th 2021 Meeting. Discussed Tarql Mappings Tasks to do:

August 9th 2021 Meeting. Discussed Kaggle API and DBpedia databus upload Tasks to do:

August 12th 2021 Meeting. Discussed missing webid files and fixed the issue by taking backup copy; Discussed cronjob for auto-updating Tasks to do:

August 16th 2021 Meeting. Discussed DBpedia databus progress; schedules and plans for GSoC2021 submission Tasks to do:

August 18th 2021 Meeting. Discussed databus-upload folder structure, github repo, GSoC2021 submission Tasks to do: